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Note: This checker only checks whether the included cards are part of the legal card pool. Please additionally check your influence, deck size, agenda points, etc. on some other site like jinteki.net or NetrunnerDB.


Could not parse line: {{problem.line}} Unknown card: {{problem.title}} {{problem.card.title}} from the sets {{set.name}} is not legal. You used more than the legal amount of {{problem.card.title}}. Please note: even if a card is available in multiple sets, you can still not play more than 3 copies of them.

No problems found. Your deck is legal!


You did not include any cards from the current Standard Ban List. If this was not intentional, make sure your NRDB legality checker is set to "Casual Play"! You did include {{note.amount}} cards from the current SBL. Good on you! We banned them for a reason... You did not use cards from {{set.name}}. If this was not intentional, make sure you selected all legal sets in your NRDB collection.